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fromrubebr-What's The Tifference Between Production And Prototype Molds

fromrubebr-What's The Tifference Between Production And Prototype Molds

May 4,2024
Difference between production and prototype molds
fromrubber-difference between prototype mold and production mold
The biggest difference
Prototype mold(Sample mold), which are only suitable for the preparation of new products before mass production.
The prototypes produced can be used for a variety of tests to verify that the development requirements are met.

Production molds for bulk orders. It has higher production efficiency and lower prices for individual products.

Finally, let's compare the other aspects
Prototype Mold(Sampel Mold)
Production Mold
Set price
Production Efficiency
Lead Time
Difficulty Of Mold Modification
easy(Revised in 1 day)
difficult(Revised in 5 days)
Product Unit Price
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