Custom Solutions in Silicone Rubber and Plastic Manufacturing

fromrubber material

Food grade raw materials/medical grade raw materials/anti-static raw materials, etc.
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Recommended selection of raw materials

Different products need to correspond to different materials, we can provide multi-material silicone product customization.

Fromrubber Material

Food-grade raw materials/medical-grade raw materials/fireproof raw materials
food grade silicone material

Food Grade Material

medical silicone material

Medical Material

fireproof silicone material

Fireproof Raw Materials

Certification You Can Trust

Certifications speak volumes about our commitment to quality. Our precision tooling products, crafted with excellence, hold esteemed certifications including IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001, and silicone product test reports, ensuring reliability and compliance with industry standards.Learn More

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