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Backing Adhensive

3M and other brand strong Backing Adhensive
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Professional Backing Adhensive for Silicone products

We support all kinds of silicone adhesive requirements, 9448a, 486MP, 9495MP, 300LSE... We will develop the corresponding fixture according to the silicone product, and provide the glue spraying process

Equipments and Process

Precise adhesive fixture and skilled staff provide guarantee for the quality of your products

Different shapes Tapes

Assembly Jig

Spraying Gule machine

The Backing Adhensive Products We Made

Many Silicone Rubber Gasket and Pads need Backing Adhensive, Som silicone keypad/Pannel also need this technology. Bohao have made more than 1200+ different models of the silicone products with backing adhensive

Rapid Samples Making and Bulk Production

Your Fast-Track to Excellence: Explore our efficient molding services tailored to meet your timeline.

Make out 3M tapes within 48hours

After receive the design drawing, Bohao can make the Tape out within 48 hours

Can provide different types Tape for Choosing

We can provide roughly 3 types of tapes samples to you for checking, each 5~10pcs

Increase the Assembly Jigs free 

If your quantity is large, we will increase the Assembly jigs by ourselves to Ensure production efficiency

Different Requirements Can Be Met

Contact us today to explore how we can create customized solutions that cater to your diverse and specific requirements.Contact Now

Different Assembly Jigs

Different 3M tapes model

Meet all kinds of sharps

Certification You Can Trust

Certifications speak volumes about our commitment to quality. Our precision tooling products, crafted with excellence, hold esteemed certifications including IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001, and silicone product test reports, ensuring reliability and compliance with industry standards.Learn More

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