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Factory Real Video

Factory's Video 
Silicone Rubber Parts Raw Material
This is the raw material for the production of silicone rubber parts
Online Factory Tour
Visiting the operation of silicone rubber manufacturer
Laser Engraving Process
Manufacturing process for light-permeable silicone rubber parts
Spraying Process
Silicone rubber product surface treatment process
Workshop Video
Silicone Rubber Material Mix Color 
How silicone rubber raw materials in various colours are made
Drip Gluing Workshop Operations
 Silicone labels production process
Injection Moulding Workshop
Production process in the injection moulding workshop
Mould Workshop
Silicone rubber products production operations
Founder's Video
Silicone keypad factory owner's benefits for employees

This is Mr. Wu, the owner of FromRubber (bohaodz).

The video was shot on the eve of Chinese New Year in 2023, and the video is about the boss distributing rewards to his employees.

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