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1. Global strategic partners:
We have strategic partnerships with leading global suppliers to ensure that we obtain high-quality, reliable raw materials. These partners share our commitment to quality and sustainability, enabling us to deliver exceptional rubber & Plastics products.

2. Supply chain transparency:
We focus on supply chain transparency and monitor the operation of the entire supply chain in real time through advanced technologies and systems. This transparency helps reduce risk, optimise inventory management and ensure the efficient operation of production processes.

3. Sustainable Procurement:
We actively promote sustainable sourcing practices and work with our suppliers to use environmentally friendly, renewable raw materials. This not only helps to reduce environmental impact, but also caters to the market demand for sustainable products.

4. Quality control and compliance:
We conduct rigorous quality control and compliance audits on our suppliers to ensure they meet our standards and policies. This helps to maintain product quality, reduce product risk and ensure that our production processes comply with regulatory requirements.

5. Agile Supply chain:
We have built an agile supply chain system that can flexibly respond to market changes and customer needs. Through close cooperation, we maintain communication with our suppliers and logistics partners to ensure the efficient operation of the supply chain.

6. Innovation and R&D cooperation:
We work with our supply chain partners on innovation and R&D to drive the development of new products. This close partnership helps us remain competitive in the market and lead innovation in the industry.

7. Social Responsibility and ethical Supply chain:
We focus on social responsibility and require our suppliers to follow ethical and sustainable supply chain practices. This includes caring for employee welfare, following fair labor standards, and making a positive contribution to the community and environment.

Through these practices, we have built a stable, efficient and sustainable supply chain network that allows us to provide our customers with high-quality rubber and plastic products in a more efficient manner. Thank you for your interest in our supply chain work and we look forward to providing you with excellent service in our cooperation.

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