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How to communicate customization needs of silicone rubber keypad/keyboard/parts!!!

How to communicate customization needs of silicone rubber keypad/keyboard/parts!!!

Apr 8,2024
Quickly communicate customization needs
silicone keypad surface process
1.First of all you need to provide the design file of the product including the following parts

3D design file in STP format (it is the fastest way to get a quote, around 30 minutes)

2D design file, which can also get a quote. Note that the weight must be provided

Actual samples, it can help us to confirm the process and price of the product as soon as possible. 
Of course, the transportation time of the samples must be considered.

                      Can provide any point to get a quote

2. Use of products

Understanding the use of the product, can quickly select the silicone raw materials, such as fire-resistant silicone, anti-static silicone, high temperature silicone, etc.

The hardness of the product, usually the hardness of silicone in (30H-90H), the higher the value, the harder the product. The choice of hardness is based on the requirements of the product itself.

Keyboards for electronic devices
Translucent Silicone Keypad
3, Confirm the process of keypad

Adding conductive pills/surface printing/laser engraving/dripping/spraying etc. process

To learn more about the process, click on the navigation page(about us →factory video

4. Congratulations you have completed all customized communication

You can ask customization questions right away. 

Ten times to view rather than a consultation

Waiting for your inquiry!
Thank you.

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