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fromrubber-How To Silicone Rubber Parts

fromrubber-How To Silicone Rubber Parts

Jun 12,2024
fromrubber-How To Silicone Rubber Parts
silicone rubber product 3D drawing file.
Design Drawing File
As shown in the figure on the right, this is a 3D design of a silicone rubber product, which we usually view with PROE software.
Having a design reduces customization time.
The first :             to confirm if the design is readily available.
The second:        check the price based on the design
The third:            start making T0 samples before mass production if the price is agreed upon (a simple sample mold is needed).
The fourth:          to confirm whether the sample meets the requirements after the customer receives the sample.
The fifth:             sample meets the requirements, start making production molds for mass production.
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