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What other silicone products can we make besides keyboards!

What other silicone products can we make besides keyboards!

May 17,2024
fromrubber:What other silicone products can we make besides keyboards!
Many customers think that because your website doesn't show the product, so you can't do it.
In fact, this is a wrong idea. There are several reasons for this

1. The location of the page displaying products is limited and only some products can be uploaded.
2. The products uploaded on the website are representative or difficult to produce. So we upload it to show our customers that we can produce them.
3. Backward compatible, complex products we can do, simple products we will only do better!
custom keychain rubber
As you can see from the picture above, it's a simple keychain that we've done very much.
For this kind of multi-color silicone products, we have  mature technology and experience. It is too simple for us.
The process for this silicone bracelet product is equally as simple, directly molded and then printed ready to be packaged and shipped.
Fromrubber can do complex products as well as simple products.
Customers who enter the site to browse for products should not just look at the products.
You can ask a customization consultant. They will give you more details about customization and help you save a lot of ineffective time.
Asking more questions doesn't cost you anything anyway!
If you need,please connect me!

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