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How To Choose The Hardness Of Silicone/Rubber Raw Materials

How To Choose The Hardness Of Silicone/Rubber Raw Materials

Jan 8,2024
How to choose the hardness of silicone raw materials
fromrubber silicone rubber raw material
Silicone raw materials are divided into liquid silicone and solid silicone.

Among them we introduce today is the solid silicone.

The hardness of solid silica gel ranges from 30H-90H. they are increased in grades of 10. 
For example, 30H/40H/50H/60H/70H/80H/90H.

Of these, 30H and 40H have a smaller range of applications, and this range of hardness is not recommended for non-specialized parts.

The application range of 50H and 60H is very wide, the hardness of silicone keypad is mostly 60H, individual use 50H.

70H/80H/90H materials, very hard. The ductility is not good enough, which is why high hardness silicone products are relatively rare.

People are more important to the good physical properties of silicone, such as ductility, resilience and corrosion resistance and other properties.

If you have a silicone project that needs to be customized, but you're not sure which hardness to use.

Please leave us a message on our website, we will give you advice within 24H, thanks!

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