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Structural Design Ideas about Silicone Keypad

Structural Design Ideas about Silicone Keypad

Jan 2,2024
Structural Design Ideas about Silicone Keypad
printing silicone/rubber keypad
Backlit keypad
Generally speaking the design of silicone buttons is divided into structure and surface.

Today we will first elaborate the surface process:

When we get the semi-finished product of silicone keypad, usually the customer's requirement is to ask for printing, (using a special tool to print the ink onto the product surface).
Printing various colors according to customers' requirements.
After printing, a layer of ink is sprayed on the surface to protect the printed characters.

2.Laser etching
Laser engraved keyboards are usually used in dark environments and are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but the corresponding cost is higher.After the laser engraving is completed, it needs to be covered with an additional layer of protective ink.

Attaching a clear protective film to individual keys can greatly extend the life of your keyboard.

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