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To create value for customers, create happiness for employees, and create tax revenue for the country, enterprises have the meaning of existence.

Wu suggested, founder of FromRubber

From the government agency to the sea of business, engaged in the rubber and plastics industry for more than 20 years, has a profound understanding of this industry, since the establishment of FromRubber has been advancing with The Times, constantly updated the equipment, technology and management mode, the reputation of the enterprise and the boss's personality charm, so that FromRubber has become a well-known enterprise in China's rubber and plastics industry.

Personal Background

My name is Jianyi Wu. I was born in 1973 in a small village in Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province, China. I am the second of three brothers in my family. After graduating from university, I joined the government and was quickly promoted to become a member of the leadership team. At that time, I saw the rise of "Made in China" after China's reform and opening up. With a strong ambition for my career, I resolutely gave up my stable government job and came to Guangdong to enter the manufacturing field. From the HR manager to the general manager, I have been engaged in the silicone rubber industry for many years, and I saw some limitations of the enterprise. Once again, I gave up the well-paid general manager position and founded the current FromRubber. Now it has been 14 years, although I have been financially free, I still eat and live in the factory every day, and now I am trying to practice the business philosophy and life philosophy of Kazuo Inamori, and I am determined to make FromRubber a great company in my lifetime.

Entrepreneurial intention

I am a relatively strong career-minded, after several years as the general manager of the rubber and plastic factory, I have some understanding of this industry, and because I am not the boss, many of my ideas can not be implemented on the factory, so there is now Bo Hao.

At the very beginning of the business, getting more income and bringing a better life for my family and family through my own ability were the initial driving forces for me to establish Bohao.

With the development of the company, I am now thinking more and more about how to create more wealth for the employees who follow us, create more taxes for the country, and create more value for the society.

Industry cognition

Rubber and plastics industry is a basic manufacturing field, may not have much high-tech technology, but this industry faces customers involved in almost all walks of life, including aerospace, machinery manufacturing, household appliances, medical communications, automobiles, maternal and child and so on. To do a good job of rubber and plastic products is to help the development of all walks of life, so I also have a sense of accomplishment, especially when we use our products in some high-tech fields, I am very successful.

Entrepreneurial experience

There are some difficult moments in the process, mainly in the early days Problems of shortage of funds, major accidents of early quality, establishment of corporate culture.

Lack of funds may be a problem that most friends in the early stage of entrepreneurship will encounter, and the support of my family, relatives and friends helped me overcome the difficulties.

The early quality of the major accident, let us pay a heavy price, but also let us establish strict quality control standards, enhance the quality awareness of the enterprise.

The establishment of corporate culture, an excellent enterprise must have an excellent corporate culture, we spent a lot of time and economic investment, to do staff training, activities, improve the system, the most important is to let employees feel and accept the corporate culture of FromRubber.

Company Mission and Background


In the rubber and plastics industry, with our wisdom for employees, customers, business partners, shareholders and society to create and achieve a better future.


To pursue the material and spiritual happiness of all employees while contributing to the progress and development of society


Hope FromRubber after a period of precipitation and development, to become a world-renowned rubber and plastic enterprises.


Quality concept

Product is character, without quality there is no dignity

Management philosophy

All people-oriented, I am the root of the problem!

Overall goal: 100% customer satisfaction

Job Judgment Criteria

What is right as a person

Company core values

Professional integrity, excellence; Teamwork, responsibility; Realistic innovation, embrace change.

Team and Culture

FromRubber insists on the "home" culture as the center, the implementation of employee self-management, through education and training and team activities, so as to achieve self-growth of employees, become a grateful, dare to take responsibility of the society needed talents, the company insists on "not to work for the temptation of money, hard work, must not be less money". Transparent management is adopted in operation, so that everyone is clear about the company's operating performance

At work, people open up, talk to each other, and solve problems.In life, we are also friends and family, participating in many activities together and supporting each other.

Every year, we have basketball games, tug-of-war games, organized Tours, parent-child parties, etc., and every month, we will give employees birthdays, blessings and gifts. We set up a foundation to provide financial assistance to employees who have difficulties. For employees' parents and children, the company provides annual condolence money for parents, red envelopes for children during the New Year, free meals and accommodation during summer vacation, and company-level support for those who need to study.

Social Responsibility

Founder Mr. Wu Jianyi insists that "tax payment is the biggest charity", FromRubber insists on 100% tax payment for the country according to regulations, clean pollution in the normal operation of the company, actively implement the national environmental protection policy, and at the same time, he has mastered the business ability of the enterprise, and shared nearly 200 public welfare for all walks of life.At the same time, the boss and his wife supported some children in remote mountainous areas, providing them with financial aid and living allowances. For employees with family difficulties, the company and the boss personally provide corresponding financial support.


Global Business

Our customers now cover more than 100 countries in Asia, North America, Europe, South America, Africa, Australia and so onAmong them, Europe and North America account for the largest proportion, about 50%, and Germany, the United States, Belgium, Sweden, Malaysia and other countries have a larger share of exports

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