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Fast Proofing Services for Silicone Rubber and Injection Plastic Parts

We support rapid prototyping of silicone and plastic products
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We Provide Fast Proofing Time

FromRubber is used for professional proofing equipment and can quickly proof for you.

Prototype for silicone rubber parts


Prototype for injection plastic parts

3D printing
Injection molding T0 samples

Adequate Equipments

We have 8 CNC machine tools and 3 DBMs to ensure high efficiency and high quality.

Professional Technical Support

A professional technical team with more than 20 years of experience provides you with full technical support

Provide drawing design and review

Provide DFM & Test reports

Meeting All Kinds of Requirements

FromRubber provides one-stop customization service
Material customization

We provide customization of silicone and plastic raw materials

Color customization

You can specify a color or we can recommend a color for you

Logo customization

Customize your brand LOGO at the designated location of the product

Packing customization

Customize specified packaging styles according to your needs

FromRubber has Successfully Developed 5558+ Projects

The accumulated experience allows us to continue to provide professional solutions to more customers and win unanimous praise from customers.

Silicone mold storage warehouse

Plastic mold storage

Start Customizing Now

Contact us to quickly provide you with better silicone and plastic product prototypes.
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