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Rubber and Plastic Products Compression Molding

Mass production of high quality silicone keypad/seals/case
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fromrubber Silicone and Rubber Compression Molding Process

The principle of this process is to rough up the raw silicone material. It is made into a rough shape using a mold

Compression Molding Workshop

New equipment, clean workshop and skilled operators provide excellent quality for molded products

Roller rubber mixing machine

4 units

Cutting machine

2 units

Coompression Molding Machine

32 units

Molds We Made Display

Experience excellence in our Molds We Made collection—an array of custom tooling solutions designed to elevate client success through innovation and precision.

Rapid Compression Molding of Rubber and Plastic Products

Your Fast-Track to Excellence: Explore our efficient molding services tailored to meet your timeline.

Provide DFM report within 24hours

Receive detailed Design for Manufacturability reports within 24 hours—your blueprint to seamless production.

Prototype mold in 3~5Days

Experience rapid prototyping with sample molds crafted within 3-5 days—accelerating your product development journey.

Production Mold in 7~25days

From concept to reality: Our streamlined process delivers production molds in 7-25 days, ensuring efficiency without compromise.

Different Requirements Can Be Met

Contact us today to explore how we can create customized solutions that cater to your diverse and specific requirements.Contact Now

Different materials of steel

Family mold to save customer'cost

High polish & texture

Certification You Can Trust

Certifications speak volumes about our commitment to quality. Our precision tooling products, crafted with excellence, hold esteemed certifications including IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001, and silicone product test reports, ensuring reliability and compliance with industry standards.Learn More

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